Decorating Your Great Room
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Decorating Your Great Room

The idea of a makeover to one of your main living spaces is exciting but, it can also be overwhelming. Here are four simple tips, to keep you on the right track to turning a “Great Room,” into a “Popular Living Space” for you and your loved ones.

  1. How will you use this room?

    • Is this a space where you entertain, watch TV, read?
    • Do you like your current layout?
    • Why did you decide to change your furniture?
    • How will my furniture serve me and/or my family?
  2. Consider your style

    • You may not know what your style is but suppose you have found a magazine photo or inspiration online that has really piqued your interest.
    • Am I…? Modern Farmhouse? Contemporary? Traditional? or somewhere in between. It is not necessary to stick to just one - but having an idea of what you would like the result to resemble, will help to make your job less daunting.
    • If you struggle to make these selections, we can help you with this.
    • Click here to get help from one of our professional designers.
  3. Consider the size

    Measuring the room is crucial and can save you money overall. Measurements, square footage, & photos can really help us, as design consultants, to help you more effectively. Taking good photos (at least 4 - one from each corner, or wall, of the room) can help us visualize your room and get a better feel for your project.

  4. What is Staying & What is Going?

    Take a good look at your current furniture, walls, floors, and ceilings and decide what you will replace and what still serves your current lifestyle. For example, it may not be in the budget to change the floor, so it is important to collaborate with it. If possible, bring a sample of your floor, wall colour, or anything that represents what may be staying in the room. Maybe you have a “favorite sideboard that grandma gave you” and you want to incorporate it into your design. Bring a photo with you when you come to visit, and we will be able to suggest the perfect spot for a vignette utilizing your favourite pieces.

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