Leather and Leather Care
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Leather and Leather Care

Leather: Is it still on-trend?

Leather is one of the most luxurious, natural materials we offer in furniture finishes today. It’s timeless, beautiful, durable, easy to maintain, and can look great in any decor style.

Whether you like a contemporary modern feel, or a more transitional or traditional style, leather can fit the bill.

I think it’s safe to say that leather upholstery never goes out of style. While some leather colours and frames may become dated, if you choose a classic frame and a natural, neutral leather, you really can’t go wrong!

Benefits of Leather

In addition to being beautiful, timeless, & durable, leather is also considered hypoallergenic, and environmentally friendly as it is a byproduct of the food industry.

Leather that is properly cared for will generally last at least 4 times longer than fabric.

Leather tends to hold its value more than other finishes. Some leather furniture pieces can actually increase in value with age when they develop that worn, well-patinaed, natural leather look.

Leather can be professionally repaired, fairly reasonably. If you have an accident ending up with a tear or mark that is really noticeable, quite often the imperfection will become unnoticeable after repair.

Here at Aboda Decor, we offer a multitude of leather grades and colours with all samples available here in our showroom.


Leather Care and Maintenance

Leather is a natural product, and its life can be drastically lengthened with proper care and maintenance.

Generally speaking, you should avoid placing your leather furniture in direct sunlight or near a heat source.

Household chemicals, skin oils, pet saliva, and even skin and hair products can have adverse effects on your leather.

Here is a quick video on the care and maintenance of leather by Stressless Furniture:

We carry these cleaning & conditioning kits, and we recommend them when purchasing leather. If you would like to purchase a leather care kit, you may visit our store or contact us to purchase, and we will mail you your kit.